What Happens After Pet Cremation?

After the cremation of a beloved pet, many pet owners wonder what happens next. Understanding the process following pet cremation can provide clarity and comfort during a time of grief and loss.

Once the pet cremation process is complete, the pet’s remains, sometimes referred to as “cremains,” are carefully collected from the cremation chamber. These remains typically consist of bone fragments and ash, resulting from the intense heat generated during the cremation process. Pet that have been cremated together in a communal cremation are then disposed of according to municipal regulations.

If the owner has chosen a Return of Ashes option, the ash (taken from the pet’s individual compartment) is carefully processed to ensure that they are finely ground into a uniform powder-like consistency. This process may involve the use of specialized equipment designed to crush the bone fragments into smaller particles.

The pet’s ash is then carefully placed into a bag which is sealed and placed into a Legacy Scatter Box, casket or urn chosen by the pet owner. This container serves as a final resting place for the pet’s remains and may be selected based on personal preference, style, or sentimentality.

For many pet owners, choosing a Scatter Box or container that reflects their pet’s personality or captures cherished memories can be a meaningful part of the cremation process.  Some opt for a simple and elegant Scatter Box, while others may choose a more ornate option. These can be chosen through your local vet at the time of death.

Legacy Pet return the Scatter Box to the vet for the client to collect. Or if you opt for a private cremation you can take the ashes home with you. Pet owners honour their beloved companion and say goodbye in a way that suits them, by scattering the ashes in a special place or keeping them in the one of our urns.

For those who choose to keep the pet’s ash at home, this can be in the Scatter Box in a prominent location, such as a mantle or shelf, or in a more secluded spot in the garden.

Alternatively, some owners may decide to scatter their pet’s remains in a location that held special significance to them during their pet’s life. This could be a favourite park, beach, or hiking trail where they enjoyed spending time together.

Regardless of the chosen method of memorialisation, the process following pet cremation ultimately serves as a way for pet owners to honour the memory of their beloved companion and find comfort in knowing that their pet’s legacy will live on in their hearts forever.

With Legacy, we are in this together.  Our team will assist you in choosing a service to suit you, from a dignified cremation option to special memorabilia that adds to and captures your pet’s valuable legacy.

Legacy Pet offers pet cremation and pet memorial products.  You may choose between two types of cremation: communal or individual.

The cost will depend on the size of your pet and the urn or casket that you choose if you are getting a Return of Ashes.  Please order your pet’s cremation through your vet. If your pet has died at home, the best option is to take them to your local vet and order a cremation through them.

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